Advantage of a Service Driven Business


No matter how good a product is, the success of a business is significantly affected by its customer service. People respond more to the way they feel than logic. A customer may receive exactly the same product or service from two different businesses, but they will perceive the product or service from the business that made them feel special as superior to the other. A service-driven business is one that takes into account not only the quality of their product or service, but also the way their customers or clients feel when dealing with them.

Brainstorm Ideas

Getting an edge over the competition is not as difficult as it may seem at times. It only takes a little brainstorming and a determination to go the extra mile to give customers an exceptional experience, rather than just a good product or service. Making sure that your business is service-driven by focusing on your customers’ feelings will give your business a boost and will give you an advantage in a competitive market.

Exceed Customers’ Expectations

There are many ways in which you can excel in giving your customers an experience that exceeds their expectations, no matter what business you are in. Set aside some time to think of the service you currently provide. Imagine you are one of your customers, and try to see your service from their point of view, focusing mainly on how they feel rather than what their logical judgment may say about your service. Next, write down your suggestions that could improve their experience and the way they feel without costing a lot of money or time.

No item is too small

No item is too small for this list. It is often the smallest gestures that produce the biggest effect in the eyes of the customers. The ideas you add to your list will, of course, depend on your line of business, but it is worth to think out of the box a little. People may not be accustomed to being offered cookies while they wait for their car at an auto-shop, but that doesn’t mean it is inappropriate.

Next, think back on businesses that have offered you excellent treatment and made you feel great; where you’ve thought of the service as outstanding. Make a note of the traits that you truly appreciate. Remember, these need not be the same types of business as yours; you can get some great ideas that your competition would never dream up from businesses that have nothing to do with your industry. As you make notes of these ideas, they will no doubt lead on to further ideas of your own.

Finally, check out what your competitors is offering in terms of customer service. Is there anything they are doing for their customers that you are not providing? Once you have that list, don’t copy them, go beyond the service they offer. Take whatever it is they offer, and find a way to take it a bit further, to make your customers feel even better.


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